post # 191 – By Design

Tap in to the frequency, love
Fall from dusk to dawn, I am truly alive
Moments don’t pass me up, no
Because I seize them in stride
Tell them winning never gave me in
When I eternally have faith
And the choices you made, it’s all by design
Go with it
I see everything with new beams, I do dream
My eyes are glowing mood rings
Stop dueling with the truthing
When you think too much you’re removin’ what’s moving
Stuck like a statue, look at you
Tap in to the frequency, love
So twisted in emotional notions, Oh yeah
Feel I’m being tested every minute
Feel like yesterday I was blind, I’m being lost
Seems like I’ve stumbled on a path, no coincidence
Truly is my essence a mirage?
Who am I? Who am I?
Too alive, too alive, no arriving
You were right, I was left in before
Parallel to paradise, to reach out for my lifeline
The angels laugh in paradise and say I’m my own lifeline
Look at you
To the night, to the night I’m abandoned
Shouldn’t I, shouldn’t I? What a sandpit
Couldn’t I, couldn’t I have an angel?
Tap in to the frequency, love
– K. Cudi

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